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We are a young consulting team with the vision to catalyse the success of our customers. Instead of giving solutions that only fit the current problem at hand, we teach problem solving techniques which allow our customers to learn how to help themselves. Our purpose and values are more than just words, they’re a way of life.

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Do you think that there’s much more potential in your organisation? Do you think you and your team could do much better? Are you fed up with fancy polished slides with no real message and certainly no pragmatic next step how to ever implement any of it? Are you asking yourself how you can really be innovative and cutting edge in a highly-regulated industry like ours?

We don’t know all the answers, nor do we have THE perfect framework to solve all your problems. But we are looking forward to finding the right answers and customized solutions together with you.

Our passion is to Catalyse Success and we do this by unleashing the potential of people in the Life Sciences industry. We believe that a self-organizing agile culture is the best environment to facilitate innovation and growth within this fast-changing world. Together we strive to find the best mix of different frameworks and approaches to help your team advance to the next level. By developing customised approaches specifically for your context and business culture we achieve a sustainable impact.

  • We Catalyse your Success in a Do It Yourself (DIY) way – educating you in problem-solving techniques and enabling you to find and resolve patterns of common challenges.
  • By approaching complex problems in an easy to grasp way and helping you to break it down in tangible next steps we will free up capacities for you to realize new ideas and grow.
  • We enable you to recognize industry patterns and empower you and your team to overcome obstacles independently, ultimately reducing consulting costs substantially.
  • It is important to us that we develop personalized solutions together with our clients rather than providing unified frameworks.
  • We will help to leverage the capabilities of your heterogenic team environment and create an organic & agile culture based on wholeness & empowerment.
  • We will unleash your potential by removing the corporate handcuffs restraining you. By unfurling your personality, you will also set free the potential of your team and the people around you!

Despite our extensive background in the Life Sciences industry we still don’t know every answer but we certainly know the right questions to ask to inspire fruitful discussions.

We strive for a collaborative approach to assure best results. Therefore, we engage our clients as partners by developing solutions together with the ones directly impacted.

We provide guidance by triggering the right discussions to develop an ideal mixture of different tools and methods at the right time, while still keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Do you want to find out more about how we can unleash the potential of you and your team? Visit or contact us directly via e-mail to: action(at)

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You are looking for a unique working environment with a lot of self responsibility? You are passionate about teamwork, you are agile and interested in Organisational Development? You want to be yourself and ready to explore and learn new things every day? Well than you should work with us!

Just send us your application and why you think we should definitely want to work with you.

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