The LIVEsciences Team

Our story

LIVEsciences was founded by Frank (l.), Timm (m.) and Steffen (r.) in April 2016 with a strong belief that we can make the corporate world a better one! Today we have grown to a team of curious, passionate and experienced catalysts.

Timm is our socializer

His ability to come up with pragmatic innovative solutions make him one of our finest catalysts. His experience with management of global programmes and transformations made him the strong organisational force he is today. Timm is passionate about new organizational models, self-organisations and everything related to it. Paired with Timms ability as a great listener, coffee drinker and helping hand he will be able to share many stories about these topics.


Caroline is our chameleon

Her abilities to organise and create are a rare combination next to her background in psychology and sociology. Due to her various skill set, her fresh and unconventional idea’s she hosts the most creative workshops and trainings. Besides increasing the variations of the LIVEsciences work packages, she is always available and reachable there to support a co-worker in need.


Frank is our walking library

With his experience in the life sciences industry and background in organisational development, he is a real organisational allrounder. Frank always brings new ideas to the table and takes creativity to the next level. It is not for nothing Frank is our key catalyst when it comes to architect cultural topics and from the next step to a farsighted vision.


Victoria is our curiosity-driven realistic optimist

With her enthusiasm for supporting others in defining and living their own success stories, she loves to bring different people together. Due to her broad knowledge of all kind of Self-Org Systems and Agility, she always has a good story in mind and is ready to show you the “big picture” at any given moment – both literally and metaphorically – she just loves to visualize things!


Steffen is our charismatic Excel expert

His charm and positive attitude lower every threshold. With his background in neurosciences, he analyses challenges not only to the bone but to the molecule. Steffens theoretical background is of great value but it is his upbeat personality that brings the LIVE to LIVEsciences.


Anna is the analyst of the bunch

With her sharp eye, she rarely misses a mistake and consistently delivers top quality. A scientist by heart, Anna has a thirst for knowledge and applies logical thinking to solve complex problems. She is a reliable, fair and compassionate person, willing to go the extra mile for her friends, colleagues, and clients.


Daniela is our trusted mountain guide

Challenging the status quo can be frightening. But with her trust and encouragement, she guides you through any challenge, proving that you too can move mountains. Her passion for and experience in change and transformation is deep-rooted and brought alive especially when there’s a chance to create a meaningful workplace. Her ambition and grit has lead her to be not only a constant learner but also a much-appreciated teacher and trail-blazer.

Maja is our equalizer

From duality to unity – Maja has a knack for bringing balance into any system. By integrating multiple perspectives she is pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as “business as usual”. 

With her background in business and finance and following her passion for all things teal related, she engages with everyone in meaningful ways to inspire change and tip the scale in favor of wholeness.