Teal Minute – 1 minute  1 speaker  1 topic  1 opinion

„Agility” is one of the most used buzzwords in the cooperate world right now – and for sure, everyone has an opinion of what it means. But what exactly is agility? And how can one become more agile? These and many more questions we asked people who are working agile in different fields and industries in our segment “Teal minute” – one minute, one speaker, one topic & one opinion.

# What is agility?

# What are we going to do with our leaders?

# What is the difference between a traditional and an agile set up?

# What mindset do you need to work in an agile environment?

# What is agility?

# How to live up to your own ambitions and values in a big corporate?

# Do we need job titels?

# How do you know you are ready for change?

# When do you know you ready for change?

# Let’s talk about money

# What do you need to drive a transformation successfully?

# What kind of mindset do you need for business agility?

# How to become agile?

# What do you need to do to become agile?

# What kind of a mindset do you need in an agile environment?

# What do we do without job titles?

# What is agility?

Teal Talks from our Catalysts

Teal is more than just a colour, it is a concept of evolutionary organizations which, among other things, follow the principles of self-direction and wholeness. Here you will find podcasts and speeches by our Catalysts on this topic, which will help you to develop yourself and your organization.

# Podcast Episode 1 – Teal Intro

# Unleash People’s Potential trough Self-Organization

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