Public TEAL Safari Workshop

We believe that the time has come to collectively rethink business.

For the last couple of decades, triggers of change have been accumulating and becoming significant enough to feel the need to respond to them. The world around us has become increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (“VUCA”), making it difficult for decision-makers to find their way in this VUCA world.

On top of that, individuals are reflecting upon the lack of meaning of their own work, the lack of humanity in teams, and the limitations of mastery on the job, leading to disengagement, burnout, and an overall decrease of wellbeing and performance. What a jungle!

If these issues sound familiar to you, and you feel like you need an inspirational micro-vacation from your day-to-day life, then join us on our Public Teal Safari: Several companies have already taken measures to challenge the current status quo and move their businesses to the next level. They are not only changing the rules of the game and became more agile, but they are also doing business in a whole new way. Side effects of their new ways of working include faster and better decision making, less bureaucracy, more meaningful work, less time to respond to external changes, and higher satisfaction and performance. Business is evolving!

At our Public Teal Safari we will introduce you to three of these game changers and you have the chance to learn more about their businesses, experiences and challenges on the way through the jungle and what lies along our joint journey towards a better business world.

The public event will take place on June 18th 2019 and is open for anyone to join. Cost of the full-day Workshop (9.00 -17.30) is 740CHF per person and includes Coffee Break and Lunch. Please send us an email to register and get more information about the Safari.