Issue 12 - October 2019

How do you grow trust in virtual teams without much face-to-face time? What are the hurdles and challenges of a in a self-organized company? How can change the way companies will work in the future? There are a lot of questions about the future of work – find some answers in the 12th episode of our newsletter.

Issue 11 - July 2019

You want to know how we are doing with our new year resolution in halftime? You want to find out more about your CURE(iosity) for today’s business challenges? Have a look into the 11th issue of our LIVEnews.

Issue 10 - April 2019

In a self-organized company the salaries should be self-set. Sounds like an utopia? In this issue we tell you how we did it. Furthermore we will introduce you to the first case of our LIVEventures.

Issue 9 - February 2019

We have used this issue not only to reflect on the past year, but also to look ahead to what lies ahead in the new year. We also share our New Year’s resolutions with you to give you food for thought and inspiration.

Issue 8 - October 2018

In our 8th episode of our LIVEnews you can learn about the critical success factors of agility and how scientists change the business world.

Issue 7 - July 2018

Have you ever heard of a TEAL safari? With this workshop our rangers help you to orient better in the jungle of modern working models. To learn more about this topic and to find out what photography and LIVEsciences have in common check out the 7th issue of our LIVEnews

Issue 6 - January 2018

Purpose kills profit? Killing the Org chart will make everything better? Leaders aren’t needed anymore? In the 6th episode of our newsletter we are busting the top 3 agile organization myths and we are looking back at 2017, our first full year in business.

Issue 5 - October 2017

What challenges do startups face in the MedTech industry? Why is LIVEsciences taking care of cows? Find the answer to these very different and interesting questions in our 5th newsletter.

Issue 4 - June 2017

Have you ever asked yourself if Big Pharma is inventive? Do you know what Switzerland can learn from Estonia’s Electronic Health Records? If you are curious about the answers you should check out our 4th newsletter.

Issue 3 - December 2016

Have you ever heard of our “LIVEincubator” and our “Value Catalysis” workshops? In our 3rd newsletter we are looking back at a successful workshop in Basel and introduce you to the concept behind our Value Catalysis.

Issue 2 - September 2016

You are wondering how to tackle duties proactively? Our LIVEradar can help you with that. Find out more about our individual roadmaps in our 2nd newsletter.

Issue 1 - May 2016

You want to find out more about the beginning of LIVEsciences and the meaning behind our slogan “we catalyse success”? You are interested in our five LIVEproducts and want to know more about them? Learn about these topics in our 1st newsletter from May 2016.