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The Agile Playing Field Series: 
Working and Thriving in an Agile Environment

Dealing with complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity is essential and indispensable these days.

You seek some guidance and orientation in the agile jungle? You need to figure out what works and what doesn’t? You would like to design or develop a self-organized, people-centric environment that enables and encourages individuals to be more actively involved?

Then the workshop series Agile Playing Field may be perfect for you.


You are moved by questions such as:

  • How do I juggle the urge to deliver and the need to develop as an individual?
  • How does agile collaboration work in times of social or rather digital distancing?
  • How do I deal with unclear roles and responsibilities not explicitly assigned?

You will playfully learn more about agile on the spot and in the current context by trying new ways of flexibly dealing with complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity. By the end of this series, you are ready to take more effective actions and to make better decisions.


The Agile Playing Field is based upon co-creation and creativity, sense and response offering the following: 

  • Keynotes and Q&A sessions by experienced agile leaders from various industries and companies (e.g., Siemens Energy, Buurtzorg)
  • Interactive and playful experimentation with hot topics raised by you 
  • Team coaching and exercises with life simulations to enable you to find solutions and to apply them to your own work situation

 What does Agile Playing Field enclose

  • 6 group sessions of 4 hours each at an interval of 4 weeks (max. 12 participants)
  • 5 individual coaching sessions of 1 hour each
  • expert input and advice from agile leaders as well as a buddy program