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Let’s build together the foundation of Teal business!

One thing is clear, in business terms we are entering a new era – some go as far to say that it’s the next Industrial Revolution and they could be right, but clearly the way we do business and the way organisations operate will have to evolve. To not do so, could prove fatal.

LIVEsciences is a company with a purpose – to unleash the potential of organisations and their people – and that’s what we do, everyday.

In our view a Self-Organised and Teal way of being and working is perhaps the only way to adapt and thrive in a ‘VUCA’ (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) jungle world that just gets more ‘VUCA’ everyday.

So, we have our TEAL SAFARI, a deep dive into the mentality, behaviours and ways of working to evolve into an Agile, Self-Organised or Teal organisation. At our Public TEAL SAFARI you will get the unique opportunity to not only tap into the expertise and advice of 3 game changers, who have already successfully adapted and are currently thriving, but also to transfer what you hear and learn to your own organisation.

We look forward to seeing you and taking a fresh step towards unleashing your own and your organisation’s potential targeting more impactful business.

The public event will take place on the 5th of November and is open for anyone to join. Cost of the full-day Workshop
(9.00 -17.00) is 520 CHF (excl. VAT) per person.

To get more information about the TEAL SAFARI, please send us an email (action@livesciences.com).

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Agilità oltre al buzzword

Quando e dove è ragionevole implementare strutture organizzative agili

Webinar – 10 novembre 2020, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. (italiano)

Nel nostro mondo in rapida evoluzione, molte delle idee e delle strategie degli ultimi decenni non funzionano più. Le vecchie formule dell’economia richiedono sempre più sforzi, ma sono sempre meno efficaci, come ha dimostrato la pandemia di Covid-19. Il mondo ha bisogno di qualcosa di nuovo. Le aziende potranno sopravvivere in futuro solo se inizieranno la loro trasformazione oggi. Riconoscendo le limitazioni di idee e modelli legati al passato e preparandosi per quelli di domani attraverso agilità, innovazione e riflessione, le aziende hanno la possibilità di creare il loro futuro sostenibile.

L’azienda svizzera LIVEsciences AG funge da ‘catalizzatore’ per imprese che stanno affrontando le necessarie trasformazioni verso l’adozione di forme organizzative e lavorative improntate sul paradigma ‘teal’, reso noto dal libro ” Reinventare le Organizzazioni ” di Frederic Laloux e caratterizzato da auto-organizzazone, focus sul proposito evolutivo dell’organizzazione e pratiche che invitano all’integrità interiore e alla pienezza degli impiegati. Alcune note aziende europee e internazionali sono state in grado di raggiungere risultati clamorosi in termini di successo aziendale, cultura aziendale, produttività e motivazione dei dipendenti attraverso la conversione parziale o totale a questo modello.


The HR Congress 2020 – Reshape in the next norm


2020 has been undoubtedly marked by COVID pandemic. Within only three months, Future of work is here, today without warning, with little or no preparation. Ideas, tools, and concepts that TEAL pioneers have been talking about the last years have become the new norm. Previously ‘unconvinced’ employers had no other option than to trust that employees can be trusted to work efficiently and effectively from home. Both at atomic and systemic level, personally and professionally we faced challenges that can only be overcome by going beyond agility buzzwords to actually do and live agile. Now more than ever the need to evolve towards self-organisation emerges to be vital in order to guarantee survival and growth.

The transformation has been accelerated but are we ready and well equipped to get the most out of it, use the virtues of self-org and flourish?

The time has come for leaders and organisations to consciously design the foundation that will enable to unleash the potential of their people and lead them to thrive.

Our transformation experts will be there!

Timm Urschinger will chair the Future of Work track and will welcome three remarkable speakers that have successfully adopted the Next Norm and are currently thriving, to walk you through their experience, learnings and challenges.

Frank Eiselt will be the keynote speaker guiding us through ‘Reinventing the Organisation in the Norm of Now!

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