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Teal Safari – Series

You have probably already heard much about Holacracy, Sociocracy, SCRUM, Teal organizations 

Do you know what they really mean?

Can one, some or all of these models support your evolutionary journey to new ways of working, behaving, thinking, rewarding and re-organizing?
Do they cultivate world-class talent with capabilities for the future?
Are they simply vital in our world today?
We believe – YES!

Join us at one or more of our upcoming Safaris – half-day workshops exploring how teal practices are reshaping the workplace across industries!!

    What can you expect from our virtual TEAL SAFARI Series?

    We bring together the pioneers from different industries in four half-day workshops to discover how Teal practices have helped them do business in a whole new way and also how they contributed to faster decision making, less bureaucracy, higher satisfaction and performance. Our speakers will share their transformation journey and you will have the opportunity to chat with them, get first-hand insights and thus learn more about their businesses, experiences and challenges on their way through the jungle of Agility and Teal practices like Holacracy, Sociocracy, Scrum and many more. Business is evolving, come join us!  

    TEAM DEVELOPMENT – This event should be fun! Break out from traditional, stiff and rigid workshops and allow us and our Agile players to inspire you by offering new ways of working, thinking and doing. Learn how to cultivate and develop a common language with plenty of diversity and inclusion.

    EVENT – Our TEAL SAFARI Series goes beyond team development workshops. It has a unique open feeling and character. You do not have to hide behind bushes and trees and with our passion and our love for detail, we guarantee you an unforgettable virtual workshop.

    ASPIRATION – We will think big and act small – breaking your ideas and visions into tangible next steps. We will discuss how the real-life examples can be adapted to fit into your company set-up and identify customized solutions together.

    LEARN MORE – Diverse national and international companies share their own experiences and examples around agility, self-organisation and much more. You will have the unique interactive opportunity to engage directly with two renowned pioneers, our Agile players, gain their knowledge and benefit from their precious insights, wisdom and advice.

    FIND YOUR OWN WAY – Last but not least, we will support you by finding your own way on how to face the current and future challenges of a volatile and uncertain world by acting agile and being responsive. Let us identify what is important to focus on and explore – e.g. processes, governance structures, tools, mindsets and behaviors.

    Our AGILITY IN ACTION rangers

    We are a team of curious, passionate and experienced rangers in the field of organisational development. We will guide you through the TEAL SAFARI Series  and unleash the potential of YOU & your TEAM.

    Let’s get TEAL together!

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