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One thing is clear, in business terms we are entering a new era – some go as far to say that it’s the next Industrial Revolution and they could be right, but clearly the way we do business and the way organisations operate will have to evolve. To not do so, could prove fatal.

LIVEsciences is a company with a purpose – to unleash the potential of organisations and their people – and that’s what we do, everyday.

In our view a Self-Organised and Teal way of being and working is perhaps the only way to adapt and thrive in a ‘VUCA’ (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) jungle world that just gets more ‘VUCA’ everyday.

So, we have our TEAL SAFARI, a deep dive into the mentality, behaviours and ways of working to evolve into an Agile, Self-Organised or Teal organisation. At our Public TEAL SAFARI you will get the unique opportunity to not only tap into the expertise and advice of 3 game changers, who have already successfully adapted and are currently thriving, but also to transfer what you hear and learn to your own organisation.

We look forward to seeing you and taking a fresh step towards unleashing your own and your organisation’s potential targeting more impactful business.

The public event will take place on the 5th of November and is open for anyone to join. Cost of the full-day Workshop
(9.00 -17.00) is 520 CHF (excl. VAT) per person.

To get more information about the TEAL SAFARI, please send us an email (

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Our purpose and values are more than just words,

they’re a way of life!

Unleashing the potential of the people is our passion. Instead of giving solutions that only fit the current problem at hand, we teach problem solving techniques and this way help our customers help themselves. Our purpose and values are more than just words, they’re a way of life.

Have you already heard that we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous time – the so called VUCA world? Or the solution to all is that leaders and organizations need to become more agile?  To help you and your team navigate through this jungle of concepts we bring you together with people who are already working with different agility frameworks and agile techniques for you to get insights and inspiration to transform your day-to-day work! Learn more

What happens when several experts meet to determine the best solution for an uncertain future? We want to build a platform where they explore together what is right for them and to encourage them to change their perspective & to “think out of the box”. Learn more

„Agility” is one of the most used buzzwords in the corporate world right now – and for sure, everyone has an opinion of what it means. But what exactly is agility? And how can one become more agile? These and many more questions we asked people who are working agile in different fields and industries in our segment “Teal minute” – one minute, one speaker, one topic & one opinion. Learn more

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