What is the best way to set up my organisation to make it more flexible and innovative, yet reliable?

How do I create common vision, values and purpose without just empty words that are not lived?

How can I implement changes in processes or technology more efficiently?

Are there tools and methods I could leverage for an agile and innovative organisation?

Together, we can solve these and more questions, by enabling you to find your team’s or area’s value proposition and making sure that your change is also changing your people’s behavior sustainably. With that we guarantee the next step to the next level for your organisation!

What does this mean in the real world?

Re-Design of an Organisational Setup
Answering the question „how your organisation should be set up“ is your task – but we are supporting you with Output-Outcome analysis and challenging questions like where you want to be with your team in the future. It will not be nice and cosy, but the tough times will pay off for sure. At the same time we guarantee to not lose the people on our journey to the next level, support you with your change strategy and equip you with all the right tools.

Culture, Values & Purpose
Do you have the impression that the people in your team don’t know where you are going with your vision? Are people delivering on their commitments? Do you feel that there is more potential in your team if everyone would just think a bit more entrepreneurial? This is exactly what we are tackling with our clients – if you wonder what the outcome is for us at LIVEsciences, have a look at the TAFL approach© or the LIVEline.

How do I know if my OCM work was effective?
You have no idea how to measure, whether from a person-side the effort you put into managing the change will actually pay off? Are you trying to make a case for OCM because you know it is a game changer? We developed a short questionnaire that you can use off-the-shelf and get tangible results within days on where you stand with your change. Our recommendation is to do at least two of these questionnaires – one in the beginning as a baseline measure and one during the change or at least at the end.

Setup of an OCM Strategy
Setting up an OCM Strategy for your project or organisational change is not rocket science, but it is effort to understand all your stakeholder groups and their interests. How to tackle this challenge is what we can support you with – having a ready2use framework at hand will speed up that process for sure.

OCM Maturity Assessment for your organisation or project
Are you ready for the next big change? What would help your organisation to become better at managing all the fast-paced changes? This is a standardised framework to assess your organisations OCM Maturity – and of course the outcome will include potential next steps to get to the next level.

Trainings, coachings, impulse presentations and everything else we do… just ask us instead of reading lengthy texts.