The LIVEline shows our way of aligning purpose, behaviour and professional attitude as individuals and for our shared corporate identity. The launch of LIVEsciences was exciting, particularly the time we invested to find new ways of organising. It is important for us, to focus on the person with their individual demands for a meaningful job which is aligned with the overall company purpose. Profit maximisation is no longer the only goal, instead there are more values to consider.

More and more people want to work in a “safe” environment, where they can deliver best results bringing in their whole personality with all its diversified facets, rather than only playing a narrow role in a pattern focusing to eliminate the weaknesses and playing politics. We at LIVEsciences want people to be “themselves”, without a facade. We strive to create safe spaces where everyone can behave authentically, truth-telling within a trusting environment. We believe that wholeness emerging out of or in safe spaces is one of the key success factors.

All of us have worked in corporates, finding ourselves questioning the status quo. Now we have found our answer.

How does this new way of organising look like? How can decision making be more agile and market driven while improving productivity and efficiency? How to encounter the management desire to control everything by plans and key performance indicators?

In order to prove that this is possible and not only of theoretical value, we decided to go all in – we created our own “responsive organisation”. The heart of our organisation is our LIVEline which documents our purpose, values and ways of behaviour are in more detail.

So far, it looks more than promising. We are convinced that through our LIVEline we deliver the highest value for our customers, friends and colleagues. This guiding constitution is of universal use: we use it to get a mutual understanding.

We are more than interested to share our LIVEline with you, especially if you provide feedback what inspired you most. Find the full LIVEline PDF here.