THE LIVElessons©

Do you do Lessons Learned workshops after you have finished your projects? Do you also wonder how the value could be maximised? How can newly started projects be leveraged by previous lessons without having to review tons of documents?

These are the goals of our LIVElessons© workshops. We run these workshops regularly with your project teams – not only at the end of a project, but also during the projects to ensure an efficient transfer into reality and not just when it is too late. Additionally, not all the learnings from former projects are relevant at any stage of your new projects, so it makes sense to slice earlier learnings into smaller pieces and make it digestable for your teams.

The purpose of the LIVElessons© is to bring together any insights gained during a project that can be usefully applied to future projects. Some of the most important lessons we learn come from failures which can be extracted via the LIVElessons© process without blaming anyone, but actually celebrating failure. By providing you with hands-on support in how to turn your Lessons Learned into best practices we help you to not only learn from past projects, but sustain the learnings and make them an integral part of your organisation.