THE LIVEincubator©

The purpose of the LIVEincubator© is to provide you with a platform which fosters innovation by helping you to condense the experience of diverse experts to the essential next steps.

There are two types of LIVEincubators© we are offering – one is a public open event, like the first event that we held in November 2016. The main focus was on organisational setups that would foster innovation and agility within companies and what approaches could be taken. With more than 30 people and 4 great speakers the event was a great success.
If you want to learn more about the event have a look at the picture below or at our LIVEnews Issue 3. The detailed outcomes documentation can also be found here.

The other option we are offering is an in-house-event just for you and your team. We would make sure you get inspired by outstanding speakers, learn more from key notes and their stories, get specific insights from cases in similar environments in the industry and connect with other open-minded people – but of course the main thing will be to have lively discussions and get creative.

    • Get more knowledge and new inspirations by key notes, story telling and great discussions.

    • Get specific insights about the cases you bring in and questions you ask.

    • Take out 2-3 specific valuable ideas worth to follow up.

    • We will finally remove the corporate handcuffs and unleash the potential of you and the people around you!

Outcome documented via Graphical Recording during the open LIVEincubator© in November 2016.