What is the next big thing that I should not miss and how can I pro-actively prepare for it?

How can I meet my cost saving goals for the next years?

Why is this process so cumbersome and how can we become more efficient?

It seems like we have quite some friction losses – how can we improve that?

What is my benchmark e.g. in DSI, SIOP or FPI compared to the competition and how can I improve?

By answering these questions not with any framework but with a specifically tailored approach we will ensure that you don’t take one step forward and two steps back. One approach we usually use for these questions is the Value Catalysis, which focuses on the analysis of outputs vs. outcomes – you will be amazed what these easy questions will trigger in your team and how this can improve your processes.

Learn more about some of the things we have done so far:

Working more and more – but no revenue increase?
In this case having analysed not only one or two processes, but a whole company, the outcome was still pretty similar to what you should ask yourself for your process or processes – do I spend my time right? Is my day-to-day work value-adding or is there unnecessary work that nobody actually needs anymore and I just do it because „we always did it“? In only a few workshops dependant on the size of the processes, you will find out what waste you can eliminate and how to optimise the little things that you overlooked in your busy daily work.

Do I measure the right things?
Are you measuring lots of different KPIs every month or quarter? Do you actually know why you are measuring all of them and are they still the correct KPIs to guide your organisation? Did you ever consider measuring more leading metrics instead of lagging metrics so you are actually better prepared?
These are the questions we would either analyse with you in a 1:1 setup or also in team workshops to find out where the organisation should be going and what really makes sense to be measured to steer the ship.

If you wonder how you are doing compared to your competitors, e.g. in DSI, SIOP or FPI we might be able to get you the data you need. It doesn’t always make sense to reduce your warehouse, just because the benchmark says so – maybe you are saving lots of taxes by having it? That’s why you need a roadmap specifically tailored for you to make sure you make the right next step.