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Unleashing the potential of people in the LifeSciences Industry is our passion. We strive to find the best mix of seeding and „rootical“ (radical from the root) approaches in the context of the market and your culture.

A more self-organising, agile culture is the best soil to facilitate growth in uncertain weather-conditions to help the ecosystem sprout efficiently.

The following video shows how a DIY (Do It Yourself) initiative catalyses success even with limited resources. There are similar approaches for managers to keep their ecosystem healthy, so there won't be anymore excuses not to take responsibility.

So what about you?

    • Are you tired of your corporate handcuffs?

    • Do you think that there’s much more potential in your organisation?

    • Do you think you and your team could do much better?

    • Are you fed up with fancy polished slides with no real message and certainly no pragmatic next step how to ever implement any of it?

    • Are you asking yourself how you can really be innovative and cutting edge in a highly-regulated industry like ours?

    • Do you want to make the move from victim to creator?

We will plant the seeds with you, paving the ground for next steps:

    • We free up spaces to plant the seeds with you.

    • We will Catalyse Success with you in a DIY way.

    • We will ultimately reduce consulting costs substantially and plant new ideas into your ecosystems.

    • We will finally remove the corporate handcuffs and unleash the potential of you and the people around you!

Still questions? Our credo is to Catalyse Success to make the corporate world a better one (read more). If you want to break it down to Products and Services, read more about our LIVEproducts and Services or contact

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein

Catalyse Success – what does this mean?

    • We strongly believe that generating great new ideas and exciting visions is always just the start of a successful innovative journey.

    • We train our clients to learn industry patterns and to master these obstacles rather than making them dependent on us, ultimately reducing consulting costs substantially!

Making the Corporate World a better one

    • Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable world by catalysing the success within the corporate world.

    • We are keen to be measured on the realised outcomes catalysed by our support.

The following video provides a brief taste of how our way of consulting goes one step beyond the pure output oriented contracting. We are keen to be measured on the realised outcomes catalysed by our support. The LIVEline is our internal instrument to align ourselves and potential new employees with our shared purpose.

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together."
Vincent Van Gogh


Frank Eiselt

"My name is Frank and I'd like to help people to believe in their own inspirations and focus on the next logical step at the same time. Starting as an entrepreneur feels like the right step at the right moment with the right people. I'm passionate about complex customer challenges where I can support to evaluate the next pragmatic steps to go. Once acting according this agile step by step approach, imagination becomes the main driver to catalyse value. Our company name symbolises the reduction of life to the essential: for me LIVE is a reminder that it is every moment that matters most."

Timm Urschinger

"My name is Timm and I support people in big corporates to get back their meaningful and sustainable work. After over 10 years of experience in Pharma and LifeScience I've decided to do more purposeful work to help improve the corporate world's values and decisions. Sharing this purpose with others we started our own company. Our shared purpose to "catalyse success" will support our clients to implement sustainable solutions and be ready for future challenges."

Steffen Keller

"My name is Steffen and I support teams to unleash their potential to stay agile and challenge status quo. After exciting years in international research in the field of Neurosciences I decided to contribute myself to the corporate world with the same purpose-driven mentality. Our purpose at LIVEsciences AG is to “catalyse success”. Catalysis stands for more than solving problems. It stands for enablement and development through sustainable ideas & innovation."

"I have not failed. I've just found 10'000 ways that won't work."
Thomas Eddison


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"Once you think there is nothing more to learn, you have failed in life."
Steffen K.


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